10 Frugal Family Night Ideas!

Life is busy! It is so easy to get caught up in a schedule that separates you often as a family! You even have to be careful with kids activities and sports schedules because although you are often there at their practices and ballgames you don't get much time for conversation and building relationships! This is what I love about family nights! They are an intentional activity that helps you get quality family time in and it doesn't have to be expensive! I would recommend that you schedule it on your calendar just like you would any activity, otherwise it won't happen! It doesn't have to be weekly, once a month is perfect! Also remember it doesn't have to be pinterest worthy, just simple things that help you spend quality time with your children!

Here are 10 of our favorite frugal family nights:

1. Board game night

Get out all your favorite board games and have fun playing a fun game of Monopoly or Life! Make some simple snacks and turn off your phones for some true intentional time with your kids!

2. Movie night

Pick a family friendly movie, pop some popcorn and enjoy!

3. Watch Family videos together

My kids love this one. My husband has taken so many videos over the years and we have hours and hours of home videos. My kids love seeing when they were babies and all the memories we made together! My mother-in-law went home with the Lord several years ago so it such a gift to have her in so many videos and my youngest who doesn't remember her gets to see her grandmother. It is such a blessing to have these!

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