10 Frugal Holiday Dates for You and Your Spouse

As the weather gets cooler and the holidays are right around the corner, there is a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to romantic dates for you and your spouse. Are you looking for some that won't break the bank? Here are 10 frugal holiday dates for you and your spouse.

1. Ice Skating and Hot Chocolate

Whether you are an expert skater or not, this date will be a lot of fun! Skating (or slipping and sliding around the ice together) will give you an experience that you just can't get during the warmer months. Top your fun afternoon off with a mug of hot chocolate as you talk about the great time that you had together.

2. Romantic Night In

Is there anything greater than sitting by the light of the fire (in the fireplace) and enjoying the company of the one you love? Add the lights from your Christmas tree to the setting and it’s perfect for a candlelit dinner for two.

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