10 Great Things About Having Teenagers

We are always hearing how having teenagers is tough. And it can be. Our children are becoming young men and women and adolescence isn't always easy. There are skin breakouts, hormones, emotions they don't always know what to do with, and coming to grips with who they are. However, there are wonderful things about having teens that can bless us in amazing ways. These truly can be the "best years" of parenting and bring memories that will last a lifetime! The more intentional you are with your children while they are growing up, the better things will be with your child in their teen years. Start young having conversations, be a good listener, and spend quality time with them. I'm not saying this is a guarantees you a totally easy road, but it makes it more likely.

I'm the mom of two teen boys now and my daughter just turned 11. I have to say I am really enjoying these years with them.

10 Great Things about Having Teenagers

1. You can form a great relationship.

I know the teen years can cause some tension but this is the perfect time to build a solid relationship, learn the art of forgiveness, and develop a connection that will take you through their adult years.

2. Great conversation.

You can have great conversations with your teens. You can talk about world events, entertainment, spiritual matters and much more. The younger you begin conversations with your kids the more they will engage you when you're older.

3. You are able to seeing the young man/woman they are becoming.

Someday it will take your breath away when you see how grown up they seem and all they can do! You will be amazed at their strength and their abilities.

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