10 Reasons Marriages Fail

We have found that a lasting, healthy marriage is something that we have to work on each and every day. While the work isn't always fun, the reward is so worth the effort that we put into it. There are many, many things that go into having a great marriage and there are some stumbling blocks that, when left unattended, will lead to trouble.

10 Reasons Marriages Fail

Today we are taking an approach that exposes things to be wary of – things that will rob your marriage of real joy and success. Today we are sharing 10 reasons marriages fail. While there are plenty other reasons marriages may fail, these 10 things below, if not carefully tended, can be the root of many larger actions that conquer and divide your marriage.

1. You Don't Pray Together

Praying together is an important part of a healthy marriage because it brings you together as you raise your joys and fears to God. Asking for His guidance on those things with which you are struggling together will help you to grow as well as find ways to support one another. There is so much power in agreement in prayer and in your relationship.

2. You Don't Respect One Another

Respect is a paramount part of a strong marriage. You and your spouse likely have many differences. Embracing those differences and using them to your benefit will help you to work as a team. Criticizing each other for those things that you do differently or that you don’t agree with will only lead to breakdown and hurt in your marriage.

3. You Don't Listen to Each Other

Actively listening to your spouse…really hearing what he/she is saying, is vital to a loving relationship. By taking the time to listen to each other, you are showing that you value the other's ideas and that you are there to support him/her. When neither one of you takes time to listen, you are demonstrating that your spouse's thoughts and feelings don’t matter to you. This can lead to your spouse finding someone else to confide in, which is very dangerous ground.

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