10 Signs of a Child-Centered Marriage

All of us struggle to balance marriage and family. I know we did when our kiddos first came along and continue to do so. As they have gotten older and our schedules have become more crowded, it has become even more difficult at times to keep our love alive while also raising a family. We very much believe our kids are profound blessings that join us on the journey. But the danger is when our relationship with our spouse takes a backseat and we slip into a Child-centered marriage. So what are the warning signs of a marriage that revolves too much around our kids, leaving little time to cultivate the relationship between a husband and wife? The following are ten questions that can help you and your spouse identify if you are in danger of getting out of balance in your marriage and family.

  1. Do you often feel too busy, overcommitted, or worn-out because of your child's activities?
  2. Do you ever feel like your children have too few responsibilities because you and your spouse are doing it all?

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