10 Summertime Habits to Grow A Good Student

As this school year comes to a close, I’m looking back on my high school Spanish classroom. This includes critical evaluation of my own teaching methods, character, and classroom management, as well as thinking about how my students performed. As a mom, would you like to know what you can teach your children that will make their teachers smile every day? Here is a list of qualities I appreciate in students. You can tape the list to the fridge and work on it this summer. If you’re already teaching some of these habits, that’s wonderful.

10 Summertime Habits

1. Teach your child to say thank you after anyone, such as a coach or dentist, has served him. I have several students (even those who don’t enjoy learning Spanish) who say, “Thank you,” as they leave my room every day. It encourages me to hear those words.

2. Insist that your child push in his chair as he leaves the table.

3. Require your child to do his chores until they are done well. For many of my Spanish assignments, I continue to correct and return the paper to a student until it has been completed to perfection. Don’t be afraid to ask your child to re-do a chore a few times, until it has been done well. (Although take care not to become a heartless perfectionist.)

4. When you ask your child to do a task, demand a cheerful work demeanor. Teach your child that demeanor is a choice and that he can choose grumpy or cheerful. He needs to know that his demeanor is seen by and has an effect on the people around him.

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