10 Things Every Couple Should Discuss About Finances

One of the biggest challenges that couples face is figuring out their finances: how to make money, share it, and save it. Money doesn't have to be a sore topic with your spouse ... with a bit of proactive conversation you will both be more at ease. Here are 10 things every couple should discuss about finances.

10 Things Every Couple Should Discuss About Finances

1. How much you each earn.

This seems like a simple place to start, but believe it or not, not all couples share their net pay with their spouses. Being open and honest about how much you earn (and depositing your check in a way you've both agreed upon) is the first step to creating trust in one another and your approach to finances.

2. Who is going to oversee your budget?

Once you have a budget up and running, it will need to be maintained regularly. While you both should have a say in how it's run, only one of you should be "in charge" of keeping it up to date. By one of you taking the reins there is less room for calculation errors or need for explanation of the work that you've done.

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