10 Ways to Help Your Child Build Friendships

I vividly remember when we realized it – our son had inherited all of his friends. As a family, we've been blessed to be in the same church for the last 17+ years. Our church is an extended family to us. And we are so thankful.

But what we realized when our son started his first preschool experience was that he'd known all of his friends since before they were born. His closest buddies were gleaned from families that were already intertwined in our lives. We realize that none of our children had ever really spent much time thinking about how to start and build friendships.

Last month, I shared about 10 ways that we can grow friendships (even during these "mama years" with little ones). And as promised, this month I want to share some of the practical ways that we have tried to encourage our children to build friendships.

Before I share though, I just want to note that there are many different personalities in our band of children, so these concepts came more easily and naturally to some more than others, but bringing some of these basic suggestions to a conscious level was helpful for all of them (and to be honest, I think was helpful for us as well, even as adults).

Ways to Help Your Child Start and Build Friendships

1. Pray beforehand.

Before entering a setting where your child may need to meet and make new friends – pray. Pray with them and for them and encourage them to pray. Ask God to help them see who might need a friend in the new setting. Help them memorize verses related to friendship or fear (if they struggle with new settings).

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