10 Ways to Help You Navigate Seasons

I'm incredibly impatient. I hate waiting at red lights, getting stuck behind slow-pokes in the left lane, waiting for the bread to rise or the clothes in the dryer to finish their cycle. I want the class to end, the food to cook and the leaves to change. I never seem to be satisfied, always wanting to get to the next part, what I perceive to be "the better part." I always want to be in the next season. But God is in no hurry, at least not in my life. We have choices to make in the midst of the time from when our prayer goes up to the fulfillment of receiving the answer. And sometimes the wait is long. But it's in the waiting that the test comes and the test is how we handle the wait.

When our children are babies we're eager to see them walk. The next milestone? Please Lord, help them potty-train! Then it's that first day of school, learning to read, taking their driver's test and on and on. We want to skip past the waiting and get to the next thing.

But that's not how it works. Because God wants to teach us this: Waiting trains us.

In patience

In appreciation

In thankfulness

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