100,000 Hours: Eight Aims for Your Career

What should I do with my life? It's one of the biggest questions on most young minds, especially during and after our college years. The practical question is, "What will I do for a living?" When you do the math -- 50 hours x 50 weeks x 40 years -- and realize we're talking about 100,000 hours, the question really is, "What will I be?"

Here are eight aims that should drive every Christian career path. Fall in love with these aspirations, and your work will bear much fruit for Christ, regardless of your field.

1. Aspire to Make Much of God

Our God, in all he does, is about God. He says, "My glory I will not give to another" (Isaiah 48:11). His passion for his own glory inspires everything he does, including loving and saving sinners, deferring his anger in order that we might be saved (Isaiah 44:22–23).

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