102 Little Things That Say I Love You

It's true. We've experienced some sweeping moments in our marriage. Like when we exchanged wedding vows on a lovely September morning.

When our first precious child was born.

Or when we learned that our fifth child would never walk or talk.

When he threw me that fabulous party for my 40th.

Or when I found him unconscious on the bathroom floor. Praying that God would spare his life.

Oh, we've had some big moments to be sure. But there are many days, weeks, and even months in between all those. Sipping coffee, heading to work, running errands, making dinner, putting kids to bed, and snuggling into each other at night. Little bits of love tucked into the everyday of our lives.

102 Little Things That Say I Love You

1. Telling him about my day. The ups and the downs. 2. Hearing all about his happenings too.

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