11 Fall Date Night Ideas for Any Budget

The evenings are getting cooler and the leaves are starting to change color, fall is just around the corner. Autumn is the perfect time to add a little spice to your date nights! We are big proponents of making the time and effort to date your spouse. Regardless of whether you have kids or limited funds, it’s crucial that you don’t use it as an excuse not to spend intentional, special time together every now and again. We have shared a plethora of date ideas from romantic stay-at-home date nights to outdoor dates to free and low cost dates. Today we’re going to share with you some fresh and fun fall date night ideas that will is perfect for any budget!

11 Fall Date Night Ideas

1. Go for a walk and enjoy the fall foliage

Take a walk in the woods, or somewhere with a lot of trees, and enjoy the changing colors. This is perfect for those of you on a tight budget, but are looking to spend some time outside.

1. Bundle up for a picnic

Skip the usual dinner at a restaurant and go for a picnic on your next date night. Cook your sweetheart's favorite foods and pack them in a picnic basket. You can go to a local park, or take a drive until you find the perfect spot. If all else fails, go for a picnic in your own backyard! You can also have an early morning picnic or late night picnic in your backyard while your kids are still in bed.

2. Make giant leaf piles and jump in

You’re never too old to jump in a pile of leaves! Many take for granted the simple things like jumping in a pile of leaves, plus it won’t cost you a thing.

3. Make caramel or candy apples together

Don’t let bad weather ruin your date night! Have a date night in and make caramel or candy apples together. Here is a recipe you can make using your picnic basket. Enjoy your treats by the fireplace, or while watching a movie.

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