12 Fun Family Traditions To Try This Holiday

Entering the holiday season can be familiar and exciting, but it can also be overwhelming because it comes so quickly. If you are like me you wish it was extended over a longer period of time just so you can savor all of the seasonal benefits such as holiday themed cups at coffee houses, the smell of wet concrete from rain or even snow, pumpkin everything, and, of course, eggnog. This time of year is special and can often times bring up fond memories of the past, especially if families made an effort to incorporate traditions. We find ourselves taking turns in conversations reminiscing of past seasons and what made it the most special to us. Don't you agree?

I want to encourage you this year to incorporate fun family traditions that will leave a lasting impression on you and your family. In this list, I share 12 fun ways to embrace the holidays and spend quality time with family.

I highly recommend you go over this list with your husband and together choose one, a few, or all to do together. You can adapt any of them as you consider your family's needs, preferences, and boundaries. But most of all, be sure to have a ton of fun!

  1. Eggnog French Toast. This is one of my family's favorite holiday dishes. Use any kind of bread you like, sourdough is a good one, two cups of eggnog, one egg, two ripe bananas, and cinnamon to taste! Mix, dip, and cook until browned.

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