12 Ways to Stop Holiday Misbehaving Before It Starts

When the Christmas season comes around we can count on a few things: (1) lots of fun family time, and (2) lots of fun family time disrupted by kids' bad behavior. Kids often misbehave A LOT during the holidays. Their schedules are messed up; they're over-excited and over-stimulated. (Don't even get me started on all the extra SUGAR.) If you'd like to stop holiday misbehaving before it starts, here are 12 ways to do that:


1. Let your children know your expectations and what they can expect.

Our kids are introduced to a lot of new people and activities, and they often don't know how to act. Before you step through the door of Grandma's house, give them a rundown of what's to come. Also offer any special instructions: "I know it's hard not to run and play loudly at Grandma's house, she's just not used to it. When we get home you'll be able to have fun with your noisy toys."

2. Fill them in on the schedule and details.

Do you have numerous holiday events during the week? Tell your kids where you're going and what you'll be doing. If possible help them create their own calendar and mark off the days. Make notes on dates they'll need extra preparation, such as picking out a nice outfit. Remind them of the schedule as the week progresses.

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