18 Ideas for Family Fun Night That Won't Break the Bank

The other day I gave you "15 Date Night Ideas That Don't Break the Bank," and since it went over so well, I got to thinking ... we need some ideas for family fun night too! Now I know that some of you don't have children, but you might be able to grab a few of these ideas for when friends come over, or enjoy a few with your husband. At least the ones that are age appropriate for you! My kids are all in their teens now, so some of these ideas might be a little mature for your family, but I'll try to give you a good mix.

I like to think that we're a fun family. But let me tell you, I can't take credit for this. My 22-year-old is a blast. He comes over about five nights/week and hangs out with us. I also have a 12, 14, and 16-year-old that absolutely LOVE hanging out with him. He's always making us laugh until our bellies hurt and comes up with the craziest ideas for fun.

Here are eighteen of them:

1. Funny Videos. Get an HDMI cord at Walmart if you don't have one. This way you can hook up your computer to the TV so everyone can see it. We like to watch funny youtube videos. Brendan will get a bunch of them together for us. He’ll sit down in the living room without warning and just start playing them.

2. Have a Jam Session. Everyone in my family is a musician, except me. I'm a singer. Before we set up a music area in the basement, we used to push the livingroom furniture aside, set up the drums, the amps, the keyboard, and get the guitars out. Madison plays the cello and the violin which is an extra special touch! Nathaniel is the youngest and the least experienced, but he tries the drums and he's coming along. I've seen some cute videos where a group of people all sit down and play children's toys. That looks like a lot of fun, it’s a cute idea if your kids are young too.

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