2 Simple Ways to Change Your Past

Change the past? Huh? Do you think maybe I'm being a little presumptuous — or maybe a little ignorant — to even suggest that changing the past is possible?

I wish I could change some things about my past and I know you do too!

We've all got stuff ... stuff that happened to us that we wish we could change. We've all got stuff ... stuff we've done we wish we could undo.

But, we can't.

Lily has a painful past and she asked me an honest question about how to deal with it. Read Lily's question and, then, see what I told her about changing her ... and your ... and my ... past!

Question: I've had so much pain in my life, but I can’t seem to move on. How can I stop the past from ruining my future?

Answer: As Pumbaa from The Lion King wisely said, "It's times like this my buddy Timon here says: you got to put your behind in your past."

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