20 Fun Family Fall Activities

1. Go to a Corn Maze

These can be so much fun! This is not only fun for families but for friends and couples too! Go get lost on purpose and have fun trying to get yourself out of the maze!

2. Have a Bonfire

You no longer have to live on a farm to have a fire, you can have a fire pit and grill hot dogs or s’mores or just sit around one for warmth for great story telling!

3. Go on a Hayride

Who doesn’t love a hayride? You can usually find these on small and large farms in your area. Sometimes they have them in garden centers also!

4. Take a Fall Drive

There is nothing that shows God’s beautiful creation more than at fall time. The colors are just amazing, no season shows the beauty of God quite like fall!

5. Curl up with a Great Book

Fall time is a wonderful time to have a special reading list to encourage your family including yourself to read more!

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