20 Summer Date Ideas

Putting together an intentional list to go on adventures, explore, and play with your spouse and then doing those things is one of the best ways to strengthen your marriage relationship! My friend Chrys compiled a buck list of date ideas with her husband, including things both of them have fun doing. She wrote out each date idea on a piece of paper and then folded each one up and threw them into a jar. Every week her and her husband took turns pulling from the jar. Whatever they pulled out, they did!

I went ahead and got a mason jar and stuffed it full of these date ideas listed so that my husband and I can do them this summer.

Below is my friend’s list of some of the fun summer date ideas they came up with…and the good news is these are all inexpensive, yet awesome experiences!

20 Summer Date Ideas

1. Cook an ethnic meal together.

First pick a recipe, make a shopping list, then go to store for all the ingredients you need. Bring everything home and get to cooking. Remember this is a task you do together. Stay off the phones and focus on the experience. Turn the music up and maybe even dance a little in the kitchen while you bake or boil.

2. Juice bar date.

Challenge each other to a healthy drink that is a new flavor for both of you. This would be a great time to go over goals you both have for the year and envision your future together.

3. "Flip-a-coin-meal-out!"

Make sure you have a coin with you, get in the car, and drive straight until you get to a stop. Flip a coin to see which direction to turn. Heads is right & tails is left. Go until the first eating place you get to. Mini marts count!

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