25 Warm-Your-Heart Winter Date Ideas

I don't think anyone ever really means for their love to grow cold. And I'm not saying that ours is any chillier than when we first began.

Over twenty-three years ago.

But I will tell you that we find ourselves emerging from a very challenging season. And maybe you know what that's like?

And I say "emerging" although that's a rather optimistic statement considering not much has changed.

We're still caring for Matthew's dad who is on hospice and Matthew's mom who is in the final stages of Alzheimer's. And we're still the parents of 8 children, including a daughter with special needs.

Still homeschooling.

Still writing and involved in ministry.

But we've found that with all these "stills" that we've had to do a lot more "divide and conquer" than we would like.

And it's easy for our to-do's to get in front of our vows of I-do.

Yet we're determined to not let that ever happen. We're committed to keeping our love alive and our hearts warm.

So even when everything is swirling all around us, we will slip away for a much-needed winter date. Simple, inexpensive, and fun.

And we are always – always – glad we did.

25 Warm-Your-Heart Winter Date Ideas

1. Bundle up and go for a walk.

This is probably our favorite (and cheapest) thing to do! The picture above is of him and me on a chilly Pacific Northwest day – and he offered me his coat to keep me warm. *swoon*

2. Get out the ice skates and find a frozen lake or rink.

We live in this really cute western town where they have a tiny, old-fashioned rink – complete with twinkly lights – and you can skate for something like $5 if you have your own skates. You can find skating rinks in many cities, so it's worth checking out ... and oh, so romantic!

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