3 Common Reasons Money Becomes a Marital WMD

Nearly every survey and poll lists money as one of the top stressors in marriage. It can cause marital discord, dysfunction, and divorce. Due to the widespread damage that it can create, money is a potential WMD (Weapon of Mass Destruction) of marriage. As someone who has been professionally associated with managing money nearly his entire career, whether in my current position as an executive pastor or my former position as a foundation director, many people assume that finances must be one area in our marriage that poses no stumbling block. Wrong.

Numerous times a $20 purchase wreaked more havoc in our marriage than managing a $20 million endowment ever did.

So why is money often a marital WMD?

Here are 3 common reasons:

Lack of Trust

As I shared in a previous post, God wants us to become one flesh in our marriage. If we are to be as one in the area of finances, we must bring everything to full knowledge of each other.

One spouse cannot keep a stash of cash or even a separate bank account that the other spouse is unaware of and expect that they are living as one. Keeping secrets from each other is nothing more than a ticking WMD.

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