3 Great Ways to Keep Your Marriage Strong

Have you ever tested your strength on the High Striker at the county fair or at Six Flags? Not me. At least, not to date. Primarily because I doubt my underworked arm muscles would win me a prize. That said, I have stood witness as others have.

I've watched as a hopeful firmly grips the Popeye-sized mallet, confidently raises it up over his or her shoulder, and slams it as hard as possible on the pad connected to the Strength-O-Meter tower. I've held my breath waiting to see if these efforts will ring the bell. Or if this contestant will join the ranks of the disappointed and prize-less.

When someone wins, I've always assumed their victory was the result of sheer strength. Turns out, most of the time, it's not. Brett and Kate McKay, over at the Art of Manliness, say that it's swing accuracy and swing technique, not pure muscle, that truly make a winner. Yep, it's not about dependence on muscle strength, but rather follow through once that mallet is in hand.

What does this have to do with marriage? Well, when it comes to keeping a marriage strong, I think winning is more about our follow through than it is about how strong we are going into it.

So what are some techniques that can help us score high on the Strength-O-Meter of marriage? Here are three my husband Ted and I practice.

1. We Actively Feed Our Marriage

You and I aren't static. As long as we're living, we're changing. The same is true of our marriages. This means that if we want our marriages to stay strong, we have to "feed" them on a daily basis.

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