3 Keys to Make Your Instruction Attractive

Are you interested in having your children respond gratefully to your instruction? Most parents I know would answer with a tentative yes. Why tentative? Because most believe gratitude and instruction are polar opposites when it comes to instruction. Let's see if we can change that. Here are three keys that go hand-in-hand with making your instruction a blessing:

First: listen before you speak.

To be a good listener you must be able to repeat the words you hear back to the speaker in such a way that he can affirm that you really do understand what was said. You don’t always have to agree, but you must always understand. This attentiveness shows respect, first for God and then for your child.

It also indicates that you view your authority as a trust given to you so that you can be a servant. Answering quickly, without fully understanding the intent of the words you hear, shows a lack of concern for others and, according to Proverbs, is shameful behavior.

This is true whether your child is 3 or 13. Your instruction will result in frustration if you are not a careful and devoted listener.

See Ephesians 4:29 and Proverbs 18:13

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