3 Paths Out of the "Mine" Fields

Do you ever look at your life and wonder, How did I get here? When did I become this insecure or envious or threatened or defeated — or whatever place you find yourself that you really don't want to be? Those are "mine" fields! And, when I find myself stuck in one of them, it's because I'’ve become a faulty bow.

Let me explain! When we are bent on going and getting our own way, we "...are like a faulty bow" (Hosea 7:16, NIV). It's a poetic way of saying we can easily become misguided and land where we don't want to be.

Let's tour the landscape of some minefields lots of us girls land in. And, of course, let's figure out how to tiptoe out of them!

Minefield 1: Competitiveness

We all want to do our best, but when we are a faulty bow, we just want to do it better than her!! If she is good, I have to be better. If she is cute, I have to be cuter. It's a minefield full of quick sand!

If you're tiptoeing through a minefield of competitiveness, the best and safest way out is to compliment instead of compete.

Compliment her for that quality in her that you're actually jealous of.

Even if you never speak a word to her, think complimentary thoughts about her every time that jealous feeling starts to creep into your mind.

When you choose to compliment instead of compete, you will actually begin to like yourself. You'll feel magnanimous for your kindness rather than mad at yourself for being petty. When you make that shift from competing to complimenting, your faulty bow transforms into a faithful bow and you find yourself where you want to be — comfortable with yourself and happy for others.

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