3 Powerful Truths About Unleashing Your Feelings

You might say I'm gifted with the ill-timed comment. I've thought a lot about this and I don't think it's really my fault. Like when Barbara came from out of state to visit Lisa. I was trying to do something nice for them, I really was. They were having tea on the couch in the family room, open to the kitchen. It was a "good husband" moment. I wanted them to be able to talk, uninterrupted, so the kids were in the backyard and I quietly listened while washing the dishes. That's nice, isn’t it?

But, no sooner did I start scrubbing with this new-fangled scrubber that releases the soap as you wash and I got frustrated.

Peek behind the curtain: I hate (I know, Christians aren't supposed to hate but, I do) I hate things that don't work -- especially if they're new. I'm convinced there's a special place in the netherworld for people who make and sell junk.

Anyway, after about three futile attempts at cleaning a pan, I said ... loudly ... Where did this worthless piece of junk come from?

Both ladies looked up. "What worthless piece of junk, honey?" Lisa asked with that cringing tone that says, I hope he doesn't say what I think he's going to say.

"This stupid thing," I said, holding up the offending article as absolute proof that the world is falling apart.

"Oh, the new scrubber," she said, "That is a gift, from Barbara."


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