3 Practical Ways to Bless Your Spouse

In our lifelong pursuit to love one another, we both determined that we would constantly set out to reinvent ways to bless each other in our marriage. Not only is it fun to bless your spouse, but it is also a great way to allow the love of Christ to flow freely through you with no expectations attached. And to us, practicing the unconditional love of Christ is of utmost importance in our marriage and life in general. Over the past 14+ years we've walked the earth as husband and wife, we have come up with a very long list (over 500+ ways) of ways to bless one another. Today we want to share 3 items off of our list to inspire someone out there to take the time out each day to bless his/her spouse in a meaningful and practical way.


One of the easiest but often overlooked ways to bless someone is to simply listen. In a world filled with an abundance of godless chatter, it is important to listen to your spouse. It is often in the quiet of listening to your spouse share that you can connect and bless him/her with the reassurance that what he or she thinks and feels matters to you.

Speak Words of Life

The Bible is very clear that the words we speak help create the atmosphere of our heart and circumstances of our life (see Proverbs 18:21). What if you set out to speak life-giving words over your spouse on a daily basis? What would happen? We can both testify from personal experience that if you have the audacity to take God at His word and speak life where there seems to only be death — He can and will turn it around. We have faced so many difficult circumstances in our marriage where we have both had to fight (alone and together) to overcome. Speak God's word and let Him fight the battle for you.

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