3 Questions Every Mom Needs to Ask Herself

Motherhood comes with lots of stuff — joy, laughter and stress! And, motherhood comes with one thing every mom gets and no mom wants ... guilt! One thing it does not come with is a rewind button! We can't rewind and redo what we regret. But, that's okay, sister.

We can do something to prevent some of the regret.

We can rethink.

When you find yourself in a stressful mom moment with your kids, you can ask yourself these three questions really fast. Thinking through these questions can make a huge difference in how you move forward.

I tried to summarize them into easy phrases you can remember in a moment of hair-brained frenzy! (Because the moment of crazy chaos or conflict is when you need to pause and ask these questions the most!)

Immediate or Ultimate?

Am I reacting to the immediate? Or, am I responding to the ultimate?

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