3 Sanity Savers for the School Year

It's September and a new school year has begun. Every autumn I have mixed feelings about the close of summer's picnics and late nights on the deck, but am excited for the routine of a new school year! Around this time I also look at my calendar and see what I can streamline to make everyday tasks run smoother and take less time. Days are filled with school, work, and several evenings out during the week for soccer practice. Here are some ways I've made tasks that are constantly on repeat a little easier for our family.

Simplify Dinner

This year I've created a simple meal plan that repeats itself. This might be hard for us because we are foodies and love to try new recipes, but I think it will be helpful to have a default menu. I can always switch a meal out for something new or if a specific item is on sale at the grocery store. But having a pre-created menu ready to go will be helpful on weeks that I don’t have time to sit down and come up with something new.

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