3 Steps to Protect Your Kids

Protecting your children is an obligation of being a faithful parent. However, there is the false notion that children should be protected from every danger and uncertainty of life. That simply is not true. There is too much uncertainty in life, too much which is beyond your control. Yet, the temptation to worry about all of the things from which you cannot protect your children persists. You cannot protect your children from life itself. The storms in Matthew 7 come to the wise and the unwise alike. Until you go to be with Christ, sin and uncertainty will be a part of life.

Do you want children to worry needlessly? Of course not. But neither do you want to give them the false impression that unexpected, painful things will not happen. They will. So, it is possible that attempting to shield children from unnecessary worry can result in giving the false impression that unexpected, bad things will never happen.

Here is the difference between protecting and shielding:

To protect means to prepare for the difficult challenges of life.

To shield is to act as if these events will not happen or that they be can be avoided. Shielding means that no real preparation is done, so shielded children are actually unprotected children.

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