3 Steps to Triumph in Your Trials

At some point, the life we planned on and reality collide. Our first several years of marriage were pretty much free of serious hardship -- oh, things happened that we thought were difficult but the first real challenge? That would be the birth of our Little Sparrow.

How do you cope when the Dr. tells you your new baby is severely brain-damaged and is, in so many words, a vegetable? I kept it together while he was there but could feel a growing fire in my chest, as if the sinews of my heart were being ripped apart.

Daddy wants to protect.

Daddy wants to fight.

But, there's not one thing Daddy can do to stop what was happening.

When the door clicked shut behind the good Dr., I turned to Lisa -- my lover, my friend, and oh how we cried.

In one moment all the hopes, dreams, and aspirations for a new little life, for our little girl, vanished.

Have you been there, too? Or maybe you're living there right now -- searching for understanding and the strength to carry on in the face of deepest sorrow, or a bitter challenge.

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