3 Things to Do With Your Frustration

A certain young teenage boy, who will remain nameless, sat on my couch — a victim of self-inflicted gloom. He didn't like his music lessons. In fact, he "hated" them! Can you believe his mother, who also shall remain nameless, had the nerve to make him leave his phone and practice.

His instrument, which shall also remain nameless, was the one he was supposedly learning to play at the music lesson but, because he hated lessons, he didn't like to practice. Because he didn't practice, he was not very good at playing his instrument, so lessons were even more miserable. So, instead of just practicing, he slouched on the sofa, crest fallen, in utter frustration and despair.

Ah, what to do with such frustration?

We all feel it for lots of reasons, don't we? And, many reasons are far more serious than disliking music lessons! Frustration is like a coin; a big, chunky silver dollar! You can tighten your grip around it so tightly that it makes your knuckles white. You can shove it in your pocket and feel the weight it creates as you try to walk about. It's like a clunky piece of metal that just gets in the way unless you spend it or invest it.

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