3 Things I'm Learning that Are Changing Everything

The bedtime routine with our three boys usually culminates with a story from the Jesus Storybook Bible. Well, several weeks ago, when it came time to choosing the Bible story for the night, our youngest son, Owen, decided to go right back to the beginning of his Bible and choose the creation story.

So we read about how God created everything out of nothing. How He simply spoke, and whatever He said happened.

At the end of this incredible story, I asked my boys, "Wow! If God can do that, is there anything He can't do?"

And to my surprise my middle son Brennan answered, "Yes Mom, there is something God can’t do!'"

"Really?" I asked, curious (and mildly concerned) about what my son thought God can't do.

But to my delight, Brennan, with a big smile spreading across his face exclaimed, "Mom, God can't stop loving us!"

I love my seven-year old son's child-like faith. He is still so sure of God's love for Him. And I am passionate about helping him, and his brothers, hold onto that assurance, in the days and years ahead, as they become more aware of their fallen nature and face their sin and failure.

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