3 Things Your Child Needs to Know About God During Hard Times

It had been a really hard day, and it was only two in the afternoon. After a long year of hard times, my sweet boy had reached the end of his rope. It took me a few minutes to find him. He was overwhelmed by all the stuff going on and ran to his secret quiet place to find some peace. I crawled next to him in his sacred space and just sat there. And then it happened. He looked up at me with tears in his eyes and said: "Mommy, I feel like God has forgotten about us."

My heart broke for my little man that day. I held him in my arms as he sobbed and sobbed. Life was just more than he could handle in that moment. It wasn't fair. He was hurt and confused and just didn’t understand why.

In that moment, I felt the same so we just sat together and cried for a while.

3 Things Our Children Need to Know About God During Hard Times

Sometimes when the world rages and people hurt each other, our sweet children get caught in the crossfire. In those times, I've learned to point my boys to the cross and the Bible to find comfort and peace. On this day, I wiped my son's tears and I reminded him of a few things.

1. God Loves You

Children need to know that God loves them – especially when things are hard. When friends say mean things or parents break promises they need to know that they have a heavenly Father who loves them. My boys know that I love them very much and I have made it a point to teach them that God loves them even more than that. We have memorized many verses about God's love. It's these verses that we cling to when life tries to make us forget.

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