3 Truths to Combat Parenting Guilt

I don’t know what made me say it. Blame it on nostalgia or hormones or something. But that evening at the dinner table just days before school began, I looked at my daughters and felt a sudden urge to hold them for ransom. “Girls, how about if you don’t go back to school this year? Just stay home with me. Wouldn’t that be so much fun?”

They wrinkled their noses and rolled their eyes. Clearly they knew I wasn’t serious. We love our school; both girls were headed into wonderful classrooms with favorite Christian teachers. We’d been excited for this school year ever since summer began, and yet now as the day grew closer—as I do every year—I felt weepy at the idea of letting them go. It’s what I do. And my girls know this. So they felt free to share their true feelings.

“No way!” My fourth-grader shook her head. “I love school!”

And then. Out of the mouths of babes.

“Mommy,” my first-grader spoke. “You can’t be our teacher! You’re always working!”


Mommy is always working.

I don’t care who you are — a working parent, stay-at-home parent, work-from-home or otherwise. When the kids perceive your work as your top priority, something is messed up. Because the truth is God is my top priority, followed by my family and then my ministry work. And I aim to demonstrate that to my kids in word and deed. I’m betting you do, too.

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