3 Ways to Center Your Family Around the Cross

One of my deepest desires is for our family to be marked by godliness ... that we would be a group of people marked by faith, Christ-like character, joy, and peace. But as I hear my kids arguing about whose turn it is to walk the dog, or as I hear one child say something mean to one of their siblings, or as I hear myself speak to a child in anger instead of grace, I wonder if godliness will ever be the mark of our family.

While there are many wonderful resources out there that can and should be used for family worship, discipleship, and personal growth in the faith, I have come to realize that the most essential component of a godly family is the cross of Jesus Christ. Without it there is no salvation, and apart from our salvation there is no godliness.

The Cross

The cross should be everything to the Christian as well as the Christian family. Whether you are single or married, without children or have a whole gaggle of them, the cross must be the central part of your life and the life of your home.

I'm not merely talking about the cross as the instrument of torture and death upon which our Savior suffered and died. Jesus’ sacrifice for our sins is what rescues us from death and hell and leads us in a new life of self-denial and grace.

How does the cross become the centerpiece of our families? Here are three ways:

1. Go to the cross to repent.

We all mess up. I can't tell you how many times I have barked at the ones I love the most. Therefore I need to repent of those sins which required Christ to go to the cross in the first place. Repentance is a godly sorrow marked by a willingness to walk in the ways of God. David talks about being broken-hearted over his sin. Do we feel this way? Do we teach (and model) repentance to our children?

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