3 Ways to Say Yes to Rest

I was telling my friend Lori about how stressed I was feeling, and she told me exactly what I didn't want to hear. As my plate was overflowing, she said I needed to rest! "Rest?" Are you kidding? I was too stressed to rest. How in the world was I going to figure out how to add rest into my life? It would be just another item on my already too long to do list. Just telling me I needed rest made me feel more stress!

Have you ever felt that way? You may feel that way right now and that's why you're reading this. So, let me tell you what Lori told me. It will help you say yes to rest with minimal stress! She told me about a great formula she learned from Pastor Rick Warren concerning rest. It's only three — count them — three easy things.

Divert daily.

Withdraw weekly.

Abandon annually.

What a practical way to get and maintain balanced rest. It worked! It will work for you too.Let me show you how I put this to use.

1. Divert Daily

Each day, I choose a temporary diversion — mental, emotional, or physical.

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