3 Ways to Bring Rest to Your Spouse Today

When we take a road trip, we almost always judge pit stops by whether or not there is a Starbucks. It’s the perfect combination. We refuel the car and refuel ourselves with caffeine (which inevitably leads to additional rest stops for, shall we say, relief). Major highways and especially interstates always tell us well in advance how many miles we have left before we reach the next rest stop or exit. These signs let us pace ourselves, telling us when and where to go…before it’s too late!

The truth is, as families we could use some of those designated “rest stops” in our everyday lives.

Consequently, parenting doesn’t come with rest areas or signs that direct us to refueling stops.

However, God designed the job of parenting to come with an intimate partner who joins us on the journey, who watches our back and protects us from running on empty. We can help one another take that next rest stop. We can help provide the fuel our spouse really needs.

Here are 3 specific ways we can bring rest and relief to each other.

1. Learn To Listen to Each Other’s Hearts

God desires for us to not only speak to each other in love but to listen to each other in love.

When we turn our ear toward our spouse, we are also turning our heart in love toward our spouse. We are attempting to deeply understand the words our spouse is saying.

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