3 Ways to Experience God’s Esteem

So, how's your self-esteem? Gag. Ugh. I don't really like that question! If I answer, "fine" or "good" or "great" then I get all twisted up with over-analysis and wonder if I'm full of myself! If I answer, "It stinks and is really low" then I get all knotted up with guilt and despair! It's a tricky question to answer, isn’t it?

So, let's not answer it! Let’s ask a different — a better — question: "How's my God esteem?"

God actually esteems us. Sure, He loves everyone unconditionally, but, according to Scripture, He esteems certain people.

This is the one I esteem; he who is humble and contrite in spirit, and trembles at my word. (Isaiah 66:2 ESV)

Did you get that?

God esteems the person who is humble and "trembles at" or honors His Word!

Oh, I want to be that person! Don't you?

So, how do we become that person? How do we develop or maintain the humility and honor for God's Word that He esteems?

Here are 3 steps to becoming a person who God esteems:

1. Read His Word

Yep, it starts with just opening the book or the app! We don’t have to be Bible scholars! We just approach the words on the sacred pages with a sense of honor that we are about to hear from the King. When we read His Word, it heightens our reverence for Scripture and reveals to us who God is. And the more God is revealed, the more we will revere and honor Him and the more humble we will become.

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