3 Ways to Find Rest This Summer

Summer is here and school is out! Woohoo!! This means that many will enjoy some kind of rest. Families will go on vacations, others will enjoy some time off at home. Many of us will enjoy a more relaxed schedule. But no matter how our summer turns out one thing is true – we all need rest. But we need rest of different kinds and I find that most of us tend to only think of one kind. So let’s walk through three kinds of rest all of us are in need of.

Physical Rest

I have 4 kids, a husband and a big dog, so there is always someone who needs help, cuddles, correction, explanation, time or a walk. There is my home that needs nonstop care, my involvement at church, food that needs to be cooked, and errands that need to be run. On top of all of this I want to exercise, read, and write. I have resigned myself to the fact that I am in a season where "sleeping in" does not exist, at least not yet. But there are things that I am working on to find a bit more physical rest. The crock pot has become my BFF, I try not to do any housework on Sundays, and I go to bed ridiculously early. God commands us to rest in the fourth commandment. To take one day in seven to stop doing all the work we do during the week. We need that weekly Sabbath, as well as daily rest in order to flourish in doing all God has called us to.

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