3 Ways To Love A Growing Tween

I am not exactly sure when it happened, but one day I woke up and realized that my oldest daughter and I were now standing eye to eye. I will admit that I realized it was bound to happen soon, being that I only stand right at five feet tall! This new vantage point feels strange. However, it is just the evidence of what I already knew to be true.

She is growing.

With each new inch, I am reminded that growing involves adjustments, has it's challenges and requires copious amounts of compassion.

She's becoming taller, wiser and more mature. I love observing her, as her heart expands and wraps itself around the lives that surround her. She loves so well.

I get such pleasure from listening to her voice as it gains confidence. She’s seeking her Creator and becoming bold in His truth.

I love seeing her strength, watching her beauty and witnessing her development.

But can I be honest?

Parenting a growing tween involves a level of emotional and mental work that I am not always prepared to expend.

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