3 Ways to Parent Intentionally Every Day

Being intentional is all the rage. Everyone is talking about it, and we’re all seeking it. As parents, we want to be intentional with our kids, in our marriages, toward our friends, and in our own personal growth, but are we? Can we be?

Generally speaking, busyness rules our schedules, distractions interrupt our plans, and often times, our lives feel more chaotic than calm, more haphazard than intentional.

In a culture intent on speeding us up and in living lives that won’t slow down on their own, how do we parent with intentionality and purpose? Is there a magic formula that will calm our chaos and refocus our energy?

Of course there is no magic formula for parenting. Every child, every parent, every family, and everyone’s circumstances are different. However, training our kids in the ways they should go (Proverbs 22:6) will not happen by accident.

We need to make better choices as a family – to evaluate what really matters and pair down on what doesn’t. But there is a way to build intentionality into your daily lives without feeling more overwhelmed, and I’ve found three activities to be practical and easy to implement on a daily basis — pray, play, and practice.

These three daily practices are helping me be intentional in parenting my kids even in the hectic pace of life.


Training our kids in the ways they should go (Proverbs 22:6) will not happen by accident, and who better to know the “way in which they should go” than God? He created my kids and knows their personalities, strengths, struggles, and dreams better than anyone. He, in fact, is the only One who knows their futures! One of the most effective ways to parent intentionally is to be daily in prayer for and with my children!

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