3 Ways to Respond When You Feel Judged

I discovered last night that according to a certain blogger, I am an apostate. When I first read the headline of the blog, I was alarmed, and then I had to google "apostate" to make sure I knew exactly what I was being accused of! Ha! What I learned is that an apostate is a "person who forsakes his religion, cause, party, etc." What?!? I hadn't forsaken Christ or His truth! So, I scrolled through the blog to see why I was now an apostate, and realized this person had spent lots of time researching me to come up with this verdict. The blogger was the investigator, prosecutor, jury, and judge. And I was convicted and given an internet life-sentence based on the blogger's opinion of my ministry!

I wondered — if this person was really that concerned, why didn't they contact me instead of publishing the blog? Why didn't they reach out to sincerely try to correct me instead of just throwing me under the proverbial bus? First, I felt hurt and embarrassed, but then, my anger flared. My fingers tingled with the urge to type a comment, "Hey there! This is Jennifer the apostate. How about you talk to me instead of about me so I can share with you my heart and respond to your concerns?"

But I didn't. I don't think it would have mattered. Besides, I didn't need to go to the comment section; I needed to go to Scripture instead.

You know how this feels, right? When you're misunderstood by others — when someone misjudges your motives or accuses you of something that you know in your heart isn't true, it's hard not to run and hide or go for their throats!

That's why we all need to go to Scripture when we encounter judgment.

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