“33 minutes that will rock your soul.”

Evangelist and film producer Ray Comfort's newly released documentary film "Genius" takes a look at the spiritual aspects of John Lennon's life. But it also features video footage of Ray Comfort approaching people, similar to his 180 film, and asking them thought provoking questions about what if you could steal and not get caught or would you murder someone for money.

"I produced the movie as a companion to a new book called, The Beatles, God, and the Bible," he said. "I have some strong convictions when it comes to issues the movie covers." Saturday (Dec. 8) will be the 32-year anniversary of the day the Beatles' singer was shot outside his apartment.

Reviewers have called it “fast-paced, thought-provoking and compelling.” It is being promoted as “33 minutes that will rock your soul.” Watch with your kids and help get the word out about 'Genius the Movie'. You can help millions to come under the sound of the gospel. Ray Comfort's chilling new movie is now LIVE. Watch it, "like" it, please spread it--make it go viral: GeniusTheMovie.com


"Genius is a fast-paced, thought-provoking and compelling video, with fascinating content. To some it will be startling, to others refreshing, to all it will be eye-opening. I highly recommend watching Genius." Randy Alcorn

"Genius is classic Comfort. Discomforting for the sake of the eternal comfort of sinners. Even those -- especially those -- who have built their house of hope on the sand of self-confidence and untransforming faith. I hope millions watch it and trust Christ as our only hope." John Piper

"Outstanding! Your interweaving of the gospel with the story of John Lennon was powerful." Bill Gothard

"Genius is first of all eye-opening: It's carefully researched and adds to the historical record something few have talked about. Secondly, it's compelling: You can see the sense of conviction and understanding in the faces of those being interviewed on camera. Third, it's equipping: Any believer who is interested in sharing his/her faith will find this a gold-mine of inspiration and encouragement." Skip Heitzig

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