4 Habits of a Happy Heart

Today's happiness is not promised, and it refuses to be assumed. True happiness — the kind that really anchors, satisfies, inspires, and lasts — is not something to be taken for granted. It's not a reasonable, predictable, effortless expectation, not even heading into the freedom and rest of the weekend. Happiness can be very hard work. If you're honest, I really don't have to convince you of that. You've tasted too many Mondays, too many Thursdays, even too many Fridays.

The reasons happiness is so regularly elusive are the hurdles in our hearts — the sin that still remains, still deceives, and still wars against what’s best for us. It creeps into our lives in creative and destructive ways with murderous lies, some conspicuous and outrageous, others subtle and compelling.

Psalm 130 puts words to a pattern of conviction, repentance, waiting, and praise that purifies the sinner and glorifies the Savior. It’s a paradigm for pursuing happiness among the everyday realities of temptation, weakness, brokenness, and failure.

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