4 Mistakes Couples Make When They're Fighting

We're bound to have difficult days, days when we don't get along, and days we don't see eye to eye. Growing together is tough. You have two different people with two different ideas and a whole bunch of opinions that don't always meld. So we fight. We get angry and hurt and upset.

Maybe you don't call it fighting. Maybe you call it a disagreement, the silent treatment, or not getting along.

Regardless of what you might call it, one thing rings true: it's more important to fight for our marriage than it is to fight for our pride.

Working together takes courage, patience, compassion and love. Without them we give into our pride and we make these four common mistakes:

1. We turtle

Turtling is the opposite of communicating. It’s turning inward when we should be turning outward. It’s bottling things up inside instead of gently communicating our thoughts.

If you find yourself turtling, try communicating instead. Just make sure you’re communicating in love.

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