4 Productivity Lies

Aren't we all getting a little bit tired of all the books and articles on productivity? Yet we are drawn to them. Because we know that we are here on earth for a purpose, and this material promises to help us discover and live out that purpose. But somehow so little of it actually delivers. We read it, we get excited about it, and two months later we realize that we really haven't seen many lasting changes.

I have invested a lot of effort in understanding productivity and emphasizing it in my life. Eventually I came to peace with it. But I only did so after addressing some of the prevailing lies about it.

Lie #1: Productivity Is an UnChristian Pursuit

The shelves at your local bookstore are groaning under the weight of countless books on productivity. Every few months, we hear about the next big book, the next big trend, the next big plan. Someone is always eager to sell you something new and novel. Yet so many of these books look at productivity in a selfish way. They teach you to dream about the life you want, to define success your way, and to chart the goals that will get you there. They teach productivity as the means to the fulfilled life on your own terms.

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