4 Truths to Remember When Someone You Love Won't Change

Sometimes, in spite of our pleas, those we love most get into a rut and seem unable to change or they simply refuse to change in. Often we respond by "doubling down" and tirelessly try to change them with even more pleading. But what if God has other ways than through us to bring about change?

What Doesn't Work

The woman was adamant: "I just think I need to tell him that what he's doing is wrong."

"Do you think it's at all possible that he doesn't know you think what he is doing is wrong?"

"Oh, he knows all right."

"Then what's the use of telling him what he already knows, as if what he lacks is information?"

This mom was frustrated with one of her family members. With a good heart and good intentions, she was bound and determined to "turn him around." But sometimes in our determination, we lose all sense of logic. By her own admission, the person in question knew what she thought and felt, but she thought what she needed to do to "change" him was to let him know what she thought and felt.

I understand this frustration. I really do. When we are concerned about someone, our natural thought is, "What can I do to save them?"

I'm not saying we shouldn't try. It's noble and godly that we want to get involved. But sometimes we have to recognize that there are many ways for God to reach a person, and sometimes those ways don't involve us.

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