4 Ways to Declutter Your Life

I was looking for a simple list, but I found anything but that. When I typed "How to Simplify Your Life" into Google, I found a list of 72 ways to declutter! Ha! When our lives are complicated and busy, the last thing we need is a list with 72 tasks! Who knew simplicity was that complicated?

But, a lack of simplicity creates a lot of complication! So, today, instead of 72 ways to declutter, I'm going to give you four. Think you can handle four? Actually, I know you can!

Many of us are tangled in the web of mental, physical and emotional clutter. A cluttered life keeps us from really living abundant life.

Is that you?

Think through the following questions to determine if you need some simplifying in your life:

1. Do you add commitments or things to your life without subtracting commitments or things to make room?

2. If everything has a cost (time, energy, money) – can you afford it?

3. Do the choices you make add complexity or simplicity to your life?

4. Do you have a place in your home, calendar, or heart for what you are adding? (Who or what will you have to neglect to add?)

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