4 Ways to Teach Your Child to Take Leaps of Faith

From the time my daughter was eight years old she told me she wanted to be a missionary. That's sweet when you're looking into the eager eyes of a child. Much harder is peering into the eager eyes of a young adult, realizing this was soon to be a VERY. REAL. THING. Leslie's plan was to live in the Czech Republic for a year and work with the local church. She needed approximately $19,000, a nice chunk of change to raise. Most startling was her approach. "Mom, I really feel that God is telling me not to do any fundraisers. He's telling me that He wants to provide."

My ideas of support letters, spaghetti dinners, and bake sales were dashed.

She just needs a dose of reality, I thought.

Then I felt my Father's still, small voice. Isn't this what you taught her to do ... to take leaps of faith?

God's voice stilled my frantic musings. Well, I suppose I had. And here is how you can teach your child to do the same. (But be warned: Faith takes just that -- FAITH.)

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