4 Ways to Have a Fun Anniversary

We were just babies really, young and in love. He was 18 and I was 19 and all we wanted was to be together, be married, be each other’s one and only…till death do us part. Some (most?) thought us too young and not mature enough to handle the responsibilities of a wedded union. After all, we were young, immature, and pretty much broke. We didn’t care – we loved each other and we wanted the world to know it.

We ditched the typical five-year plan, threw caution to the wind with peace in our hearts, and got married on a hot, summer day. Around 300 friends and family came to witness us two youngsters confess our love for each other.

Up until that moment, I had never felt more privileged than I did when I was finally able to call him my husband and to be able to call myself his wife ... and, by God’s grace, that is a title I’m still all too happy to own.

Like many Christian married couples, our years of matrimony have been filled with constant pruning, watering, and feeding by the Lord (that pruning hurt the worst!). But here we are, side-by-side, trying to work hard to learn from our mistakes while still being completely “goofy for each other.”

Next week, we celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary and while I don’t know what our plans are yet (we just got back from vacation), I do know that 12 years of anniversary experience has given us a ton of celebratory ideas – often on a tight budget!

4 Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Anniversary

1. Do something new together!

I love this idea, especially if it is something completely foreign to both of you! Josh and I had talked many times about trying kayaking out. It was something neither one of us had tried before. One year, Josh surprised me with a 3-hour beginner class on kayaking on the Willamette River.

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