5 Christmas Ideas for Kids

Christmas is my middle daughter's favorite holiday. She likes it even better than her birthday. Having a child in the house anticipating Christmas makes the season even brighter. We have three children in elementary school. I remember when our youngest Lucy was a preschooler. She would sing "Jingle Bells" but re-invent the words each time around. She loved running to the Christmas tree to be the first one to switch on the lights. And of course, when shopping, she would point to a toy and exclaim, "Put THAT on my Christmas list!"

Christmas is magnificent when seen through miniature eyes. Instead of focusing on to-do lists, baking and shopping, kids are searching for wonder. Adults tend to think, "Oh no! Only 15 days 'til Christmas!" But kids think, "Oh yay! Only 15 days 'til Christmas!"

I think the kids have it right.

They're looking for little surprises in stockings, brightly colored homes at night, and Christmas decorations on trees. They are waiting for Jesus' birthday with a sense of wonder.

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